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My client is trying to install a Dell Vostro 1510 Bluetooth driver but receives the following error:

Invalid DFU file format (Not compatible with device or loader)

Can someone please help?

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Are you SURE it is the correct driver? If so, specifically which driver is it. I can use my premier account to verify if you can include his service tag :) – OG Chuck Low Dec 21 '11 at 23:30
Just in case, I looked it up for you. Seems they only offer the one Bluetooth option on this guy -… Make sure he is using that one and you should be good to go. If he is using that one, Post the Hardware IDs from the Device Properties and I can help you look it up to see what else it might be. – OG Chuck Low Dec 21 '11 at 23:37
Thanks for the quick response. They tried… which appears to be the same driver. I'll try to obtain the Hardware ID for you. Thanks again. – Ash Dec 22 '11 at 0:40
Yes it certainly does appear to be the same driver. I'd say get me those Hardware IDs and let's see if we can look it up directly. And again make sure all the chipset and MB drivers are in or I could easily see this driver failing due to a "dependancy" – OG Chuck Low Dec 23 '11 at 16:37

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