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When using Windows Explorer's Open With... context menu, many image types show two Photoshop CS5 entries. One is the 32-bit version, the other is the 64-bit version. However, they both use the exact same icon and text, so it's impossible to tell them apart without actually launching one.

Is there a way to remove one or the other from this list, or possibly alter the text to identify the bitness? I use Photoshop x64 almost exclusively, barring the few occasions I work with the BetterJPEG plugin, which only comes in 32-bit.

What I've Tried

  • I have tried OpenWithView but to no avail. It doesn't even show the Photoshop options. I suspect a WOW64 redirection issue, as the app itself is 32-bit.

  • I manually visited the Registry as per this link, but again, no joy. Photoshop doesn't use those particular keys. (Illustrator does though!)

Additional Info

It seems the Photoshop option(s) are not coming from the OpenWithList subkey, but rather the OpenWithProgID key. However, removing/deleting the key(s) has no effect, as they are recreated the next time that filetype is right-clicked.


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