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Is there any software to convert vnote(vnt) to txt in linux?

I found vnote2text for windows but none for linux

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I have some vnote files that I'd like to open on linux, and this question is the top hit for "vnt linux vnote". It is 3 years later, another county, and admittedly the same os. Thus, I think closing this as 'too localized' was the wrong call. Please consider reopening it. – Matijs van Zuijlen Oct 16 '15 at 11:26

Run it from the command line: python vnote2txt.pyw. It's just a script, not a complied executable or anything.

(It's just named as *.pyw to take advantage of some oddity on the Windows Python distribution).

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There is a Online solution, where you don't have to run anything from your computer.

The site is:

You just copy your Vnote / vnt contents, paste it in the text box, click convert. The results should appear in the second text box.

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