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I have a server, and I need to change around 1200 HTML files. Is there an editor that will find and replace columns in multiple files?

Currently, I am using Notepad++ for editing, but I'm struggling with a column based search faction.

I have something like this:

   <td class="data"><sup>58</sup>Co</td>
   <td class="data">0.</td>
   <td class="data">70.8 d</td>
   <td class="data">2<sup>+</sup></td>
   <td class="data">+4.044(8)</td>
   <td class="data"></td>
   <td class="data">[<sup>59</sup>Co]</td>
   <td class="data">NMR/ON</td>
   <td class="data">1972Ni01</td>

I want to replace all <td class="data">, leaving the rest of the code untouched, with:

 <td class="isot">
 <td class="ener">
 <td class="life">
 <td class="spin">
 <td class="gfac">
 <td class="quad">
 <td class="ref_">
 <td class="meth">
 <td class="cite">

As you have noticed, the data changes to isot, ener, etc.

So I need an editor which will find and replace only the columns.

I have tried Notepad++ as I mentioned and UltraEdit but with no help. My current solution is a macro-based replace which still is very handy and I have over a thousand files to change.


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