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I have replaced the linksys firmware on my wrt54GL with tomato 1.28, and after that I am seeing some really weird behaviour.

My windows workstation works just fine, but a linux (fedora 15 x64) laptop wouldn't open some sites, like and several others. It also refused to load the capcha on this website, so I had to use the windows machine to register and post this question

tested name resolution, icmp and wget/telnet to ports 443 and 80 - all seems in order.

Has anyone seen this? What can I do to work around this issue?


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Is there any chance this is only ssl sites?

I had a similar issue with a default firmware which set the MTU too high. Try investigating that.

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other ssl sites work. besides, I'm already at MTU=1420, aaaand, remember - windows machines just work – dyasny Dec 23 '11 at 13:10

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