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I want to create a pair of bash functions something along the lines of

function generator {
    while [ 1 -le 1 ]
        # run log generator > somefile.log

function tail_log {
    generator &
    tail -f somefile.log

So, I would run the command tail_log to see the log output. Except, instead of the infinite loop, I'd like allow the user to press Q to terminate the forked process.

So it looks like I need two things:

  1. a way to get the process ID of a forked prcoess
  2. a way to listen for user input so I can kill the process ID when the user presses Q
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  1. $!

  2. Run tail in background as well. In foreground, use the read builtin. On input, kill both background processes.

    While I'm at it:

  3. while [ 1 -le 1 ]while true (see somewhat related section on BashPitfalls)

  4. function foo {...}foo() {...} (see deprecated syntax about this)

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