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I am trying to run the selenium server and in the instructions it is said that the server assumes that Chrome is located at /Applications/Google\\ Chrome.

  1. How do I check that it is actually located there? Because when I go to my application folder, I see that my Chrome is located at /Applications/Google

  2. How do I move it to that location (/Applications/Google\\ Chrome)?

The problem is that when I am running the selenium test now, it opens Firefox instead of Chrome. So figure the problem is in the above path.

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So figure the problem is in the above path

No. Google is the application package for Google Chrome. It contains one executable file, which is under Google Chrome.

This file is really opened by OS X when you start Google Chrome.

enter image description here

If Firefox is opened automatically, I presume it's set as the system wide default browser. Just go to Google Chrome's preferences and set it as the default browser. Or, as this answer suggests, to specifiy googlechrome from Selenium.

You really seem to be having an XY problem.

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