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We run several screen instances from one box, eg. :

27185.pts-53.CentOS-57-64-minimal (Detached)

27209.pts-53.CentOS-57-64-minimal (Detached)

27281.pts-53.CentOS-57-64-minimal (Detached)

Is there a way to ‘name’ a screen id, so instead of having to remember the exact PID, i use screen -x 1 for pid 27185, screen -x 2 for pid 27209 and screen -x 3 for pid 27281 ??

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When you start the screen, you can use -S to set the sessionname (Source: )

After you are in screen, you can rename the Session by entering the command mode: Ctrl+a :sessionname

You can read about the : here:

and the list of available commands is here:

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It is not possible to reattach using the title as we do set the -t for every instance. Trying -S now, will update you in a minute – user1113145 Dec 23 '11 at 9:33
-S works!! Thanks!! no idea how i missed that, re-read the manual 100 times .. – user1113145 Dec 23 '11 at 9:36

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