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I need help in unlocking my Dell Vostro 220 hardware virtualization.

I ran SecurAble and it gave me the results below:

64-bit Maximum Word Length

Hardware D.E.P --- YES

Hardware Virtualization --- Locked Off

My Processor is the Intel Dual Core E5200 @ 2.5 GHz. I want to have the hardware virtualization ON for improved virtualization by VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.

Can anyone help me safely achieve this?

Motherboard Manufacturer and Model, Dell -- Dont know much, but in the CMOS Setup it said on the Top:

CMOS Setup Utility (c) 1985-2008 American Megatrends Inc.

  • System Info: Vostro 220 Series

  • Bios Revision : 1.30 6/22/2010

  • Bios Type : Dont know

  • Bios SLIC : Dont know

  • Bios File Name: Vx20-130.EXE

further BIOS info here.

How do I unlock my BIOS so that I can access the VHD settings that I can't seem to find?

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Enter the bios (F2) and enable hardware VT. – Moab Dec 24 '11 at 3:32

Your processor doesn't support VT-x instructions, as per Intel. So it doesn't have Hardware Virtualization support.

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