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I'm without a hard drive for the moment, and would like to install some mods on minecraft inside of my Ubuntu live usb. Unfortunately I can't find the files once minecraft has installed (and works).

Are the files (the .minecraft folder) hidden away in the RAM like I suspect? Can I access them somehow? DDD for GDB was suggested, is this the right way to go?


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cnicutar is right, there's no reason to try for gdb or ddd. Neat tools, overpowered for this task.

strace(1) is also pretty neat and a bit more appropriate, but I think there's an easier way: find where writable content can actually be written.

Chances are good the output of mount or cat /proc/mounts or cat /proc/self/mounts will show you a mounted filesystem that is writable. Start looking there. Try find /path/to/writable/mount -iname '*minecraft*' -print if you're confident that the files will be named with a minecraft in them. (-iname for case-insensitive matching.) If minecraft files have a common extension, you could search for that instead.

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Thanks! I got a lot of weird entries with cat cat /proc/self/mounts but find /path/to/writable/mount -iname '*minecraft*' -print worked really well when I used it with root '/'. I found out that the folder I was looking for was simply hidden... thanks for the help! – Yamist Dec 24 '11 at 9:36

I don't think GDB and DDD will be of much use. I would use strace and pour over the output to see what the process open(2)s.

For instance it often happens that I run something that's so poorly documented I can't find the list of files it tries to read on startup. It's just easier to strace and see it for myself.

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Thanks, strace seems really useful, although I wasn't able to get it working with this problem I'll keep it in mind next time I need to debug something without sourcecode. – Yamist Dec 24 '11 at 9:33

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