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I need to write a program to format SD card with, FAT boot, ext4 and swap partitions. I would like the ext4 to use LVM. Ideally there would be scope for mdadm.

I need help finding a command line utity which is capable of all this. I will be able to control any command from within my program. Would rather not cut & paste source.

I understand that Gparted does not cope well with LVM.
Any suggestions for a better command?

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Do you tried parted? It is the same as gparted, but in command line – Ielton Dec 24 '11 at 12:15
There are various command-line utilities that achieve each of the steps. Why is it that you require them all in a single one? – Garrett Dec 24 '11 at 17:32

sfdisk - cli partitioning
pvcgreate, lvcreate, lvchange, lvresize - create and manage LVM volumes

You don't need a specific tool to manage LVM partitions because once a logical volume has been created, it looks like any other block device (hard-drive, sdcard, etc).

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