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I am trying to capture a stream using mplayer using the -dumpstream option:

mplayer -dumpstream mms://<url> -dumpfile out.wmv

But I'm always getting this error after several tens of megabytes:

nop_streaming_read error : Resource temporarily unavailable

I'm connected by wireless, but I still think it's reasonable to expect to be able to capture a whole stream...

The general advice on the internet for this problem is to retry the capture. However, I have been retrying automatically using a script, and it's been running more than three days now, always restarting due to this error.

Another thing I tried is checking out mplayer from svn, changing to = 10 * 1000 to to = 600 * 1000 in stream/tcp.c, compiling and using this mplayer. It should have increased the timeout to 10 minutes, I think. However, I still see this problem.

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