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I basically want to share a folder in Dropbox but I don't want that others have read-write access. How to achieve that?

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Your public folders are read only, your shared folders are r/w and there is noway to change that (yet). See dropbox help

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There seems to be work going on, but not yet operational: There is even a work-around mentioned, i.e. only sending links instead of creating a shared folder (which might not be what you want) – Andreas J Jul 21 '14 at 19:52

Unforuntatelly, your shared folders are r/w. However, you can workaround that using cloudHQ.

Basically, lets suppose you want to share folder FOLDER_TO_SHARE. You need to create an extra folder (lets call it FOLDER_TO_SHARE_READ_ONLY) in Dropbox and then establishing cloudHQ one-way sync (and with option "override changes on target") from from FOLDER_TO_SHARE to FOLDER_TO_SHARE_READ_ONLY and then you can share FOLDER_TO_SHARE_READ_ONLY.

So cloudHQ will do one-way sync from FOLDER_TO_SHARE --> FOLDER_TO_SHARE_READ_ONLY so only changes from FOLDER_TO_SHARE will be propagated to FOLDER_TO_SHARE_READ_ONLY. And since you have "override changes on target" set, then any outside change on the FOLDER_TO_SHARE_READ_ONLY will be automatically reverted back.

enter image description here

Some details can be found here:

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