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I'm hoping somebody can help me with this. Even if VLC isn't the best way I'm open for other methods. I've tried LiquidSoap but I can't get my scripts to function no matter what the script is.

Anyways, what I need to do is pull an Icecast stream streaming in OGG (on my server), transcode it live, and push it to my same Icecast server under a different mount as MP3/MPEG.

I've taken a look at "Sout" for VLC... But damn is it confusing. I could really use some help here.

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Keep in mind that you are going to lose significant audio quality this way. I highly recommend encoding both streams at the source. – Brad Dec 25 '11 at 15:52

Take a look at Flumotion

I assume from your description this is audio-only.

You will also need flumotion-ugly from Zaheer's repository.

You should be able to make it work even with a simple pipeline like

flumotion-launch icecast-producer url=http://... ! single-generic-decoder ! mp3-encoder ! shout2-consumer ip=... mount-point-...

Use flumotion-inspect to look at properties of components if you want to tune more.

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