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I am trying to install Virtualmin - GPL on a Centos x64 VPS.

After downloading the script, I tried running it... At one stage this is the message that i received--

eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
INFO - Unable to determine IP address of primary interface.
Please enter the name of your primary network interface:

How do I determine the IP address/name of the primary network interface? Do I have to ask my web host about this information?

Thanks, Arvind.

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eth0 is the most common ethernet device name, but it is not the only one, other device names are possible. Do this:


On line which says default in the first column, the last column will be the device name you most probably need. Afterwards, run this:

ifconfig <devicename>

Look for the value after inet addr, usually on line 2 of output. This is the IP address you're looking for.

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