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Can anyone recommend some hardware which meets the following criteria:

  • USB port (more than 1 would be handy but an USB hub could always be used)

  • Suitable for running a reasonably small linux distribution (no gui needed. Want to run mysql and some other custom bits. I'm not quite sure how one goes about installing linux and configuring on a device without a video out? )

  • Reasonably small (thinking a small router)

  • Low power consumption (less than 10W. Ideally closer to 1W)

Just a little background- I'm currently working on some home automation projects and having some usb/serial devices I want to capture data from and log to mySQ

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Have you seen the $25 Raspberry Pi which is scheduled to be available in January 2012?

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interestingly that was on the frontpage of a forum i visit earlier (although the forum has very little to do with home automation- so it's entirely coincidental)- looks very promising although i'm very impatient! :) – Lee Tickett Dec 27 '11 at 15:23

Have you looked at Plug PC's? If your looking spesificly for home automation check the Stratus. It has Zwave and ZigBee built in. You could combine that with a Tweet-a-Watt or any other ZigBee project you may have in mind.

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Thanks- they look interesting. For those without video output (stratus/sheevaplug etc) how would I go about installing linux to a point where I could SSH in? – Lee Tickett Dec 27 '11 at 15:49

The different Alix boards from are another possibility.

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