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I need to setup an appointment on my Outlook 2010 calendar that recurs the Wednesday following the last Sunday of the month. I have not figured out a way to do this with Outlook. Anybody know if this is possible?

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The only way I suppose is to set two different recurring appointments one for the last Wednesday and the other for the first Wednesday of a month. Once you set it up, you will require to go to your calendar and manually select and delete the occurence for the entry that does not meet your criteria.

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I'm quite sure that's not possible using the Outlook recurrence dialog. It could be done by writing a program that controls Outlook, but that hardly seems worth the effort. Wouldn't copy and paste be easier for just one appointment each month?

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If you just want a reminder, you could set the appointment for the first Sunday of each month and set a reminder for four days before that.

If you want the time to show as busy on your calendar, I am not sure how to do anything like this.

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This is a solution I used for a similar issue. See if this workaround will work. Hope it helps.

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