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On Linux, with the latest official binary video driver from nVidia, I can use mplayer -vo vdpau (and some other flags) to offload the video decoding to the nVidia GPU. Is there a free media player for Windows XP which can do the same? I have the latest official nVidia video drivers installed on the Windows XP.

VLC needs Windows Vista for accelerated video codecs, SMPlayer doesn't say that it supports them.

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I haven't seen anything running VDPAU on XP, but Media Player Classic - Home Cinema does have DXVA Support for offloading rendering to the CPU, and has its own demuxers/decoders.

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DXVA is the Windows equivalent of VDPAU, and is usable by Windows Media Player as well as MPC-HC. To be sure that MPC-HC is using DXVA if you have the Status Bar enabled (CTRL + 5 to toggle) it should say "Playing [DXVA]" when it is using hardware acceleration and just "Playing" if not. – Mokubai Dec 27 '11 at 17:29

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