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My router (Netgear dgn2000) LAN works, but not my wireless. The wireless light shows up when first booting and sometimes when I reset, at least for a few seconds, then dies out. I had my Kindle out and it seemed to work for a few seconds (downloaded a book and part of another) but then stopped.

Is there anyway to test if the wireless part physically works? All the settings I can think that are supposed to be checked are checked (enable wireless access point, broadcast ssid, the router statistics says it has been up for 30 minutes). Multiple wireless devices can't see the network when scanning. The network password is correct (same case, no zero/oh issues).

As I mentioned I reset a few times, but with the buttons and by unplugging.

router status reads: WLAN1
Name (SSID) ShackShack Wireless AP Enabled Broadcast Name Enabled

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wow. this is the third WiFi/Router issue in a row. 2012 must be early. – kobaltz Dec 28 '11 at 1:11
To check if the wireless router is transmitting its SID, run inSSIDer (from on a PC/laptop with a working wifi adapter. You'll be able to check if your unit is using an already congested channel. – sawdust Dec 28 '11 at 4:27
So I ran it and the wireless seemed to be running even though I couldn't connect. But after I hit the reset button, the wireless stopped working at all: no light, no signal. Time for a new modem after only a year :( – russellmz Dec 29 '11 at 3:52

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