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How do I extract all the external links of a web page and save them to a file?

If you have any command line tools that would be great.

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You will need 2 tools, lynx and awk, try this:

$ lynx -dump | awk '/http/{print $2}' > links.txt

If you need numbering lines, use command nl, try this:

$ lynx -dump | awk '/http/{print $2}' | nl > links.txt
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Here's an improvement on lilton's answer: you don't need awk at all for lynx's got some useful options.

lynx -listonly -nonumbers -dump

if you want numbers

lynx -listonly -dump
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  1. Use Beautiful Soup to retrieve the web pages in question.
  2. Use awk to find all URLs that do not point to your domain

I would recommend Beautiful Soup over screen scraping techniques.

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if command line is not a force you can use Copy All Links Firefox extension.

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