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I'm using Chrome right now and Google's auto-correct "feature" is really grating on my nerves. It's constantly merging two words into one and screwing with what I type. I don't care if I make a spelling error, but it really annoys me when the computer takes things into its own hands and "fixes" things that aren't mistakes.

How do I get it to just say "Did you mean?" instead of changing my search?

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'Autocorrect' from the Omnibox (address bar) in Google Chrome, or from – iglvzx Dec 28 '11 at 6:02

This userscript (Disable Google Automatic Spelling Correction) might be helpful. It looks like it functions by adding nfpr=1 as a URL parameter.

If that's all it is, you should be able to add a custom search engine which is just the same as a regular Google search but with the added parameter.

If it's your omnibar, though, I don't know that this will be helpful.

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