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I know I can technically convert an existing Windows XP box to a virtual machine. (e.g. VMWare converter). What I do not quite understand is whether I can then actuall use this image/guest.

The current Windows XP box is a years old stock office PC with a Windows XP OEM installation that has assembled it's share of "small business" apps that I shudder to try to reinstall. The current hardware nears it's end of life however, and I'm trying to find a solution that keeps the old installation accessible, preferrable as a simple VM on a shiny new Win764 box. That way, all is on one machine.

However, as far as my research went so far, it seems Windows (re-)activation will fail for an image of this machine, because it is a OEM Windows XP.

Note: No answer here and no answer here or here.

I'll add that this (from here) seem to suggest that I can convert my OEM Windows XP, but for this I'd need to have an existing VLK installation CD to apply to the VM image, and I though (this being nearly 2012) I cannot purchase no Windows XP anymore.

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