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I have an old system with intel DG33BU. It has variety of issues now.

  • Its IDE port do not work anymore
  • Realtek audio rear port got short circuited.
  • Front audio panel do not work

Now it has started giving a weird issue . if I do not connect my graphics card to complete the bios screen it takes about 10 mins. If I connect my graphics card the bios screen complete immediately but windows 7 runs so slowly that I can see mouse trail.

I tried upgrading downgrading bios. Reinstalling windows 7.Removing any ide connection. trying to boot without any device connected.

So any other solution or time to dump my motherboard ?

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Sounds like you should replace the entire computer. – Ramhound Dec 29 '11 at 16:21
lol.All the problems only in motherboard . I think replacing that would just do fine. – Gaurav Shah Dec 30 '11 at 4:10
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Seems a problem with the SMPS..

Even I am wondering how an SMPS could make the system slow..

I got an old SMPS for testing and the PC works absolutely fine now..

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