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I have a few pinned tabs in Chrome (v16.0.912.63 m) namely When I click on links within the BBC News website (e.g.,, the link opens in a new tab. This behavior is extremely annoying as a 15 minute browsing sessions ends up spawning multiple tabs that need to be closed individually. Links within the same domain in unpinned tabs open within the same tab as expected.

I want links within the same domain to open in the same tab (pinned or unpinned) and links pointing to external sites opening in a new tab.

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Installing the "Open PinnedTab Link" Chrome extension with the settings below and restarting the browser helped to solve this problem. Links clicked within the same domain inside a pinned tab open in the same tab whereas external links open in a new tab.

  • Enabled: Clicked links will open in new tabs. - OFF
  • Outbound Links Only: Keep links to the same domain in the pinned tab. - ON
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