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Im using zsh and it seems that a new tab should open in the same dir as the previous. However, that is not happening.

Do I have to add anything to the .zshrc?

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What is a "new tab" and what does it have to do with zsh? – sarnold Dec 29 '11 at 5:04

Nothing to do with zsh.

Konsole and gnome-terminal do that: opening a new tab puts you in the same directory. (Once upon a time, opening a new tab in gnome-terminal while reading a man page put you in /usr/share/man, maybe it has been fixed)

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You are probably using the "tabs" in a terminal emulator like gnome-terminal? Understand that a new tab is nearly indistinguishable from a new terminal window. It runs a new instance of the shell which executes its start up files. The startup files do not know about any other shell instances, let alone what gnome-terminal they belong to or which current working directory that shell might be in. Another issue: with several open shells in different directories, which directory should the new shell start in?

That said, you could make each cd save the target directory in say ~/.cd and change there in the startup file. Left as an exercise to the reader :-)

PS: Be sure to save the absolute path of the target directory, not some relative arg to cd.

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