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This is driving me nuts. I'm using Word to summarize books I study. Now, for a term such as


It first complains about why I don't have "Binding Operations". Then why I don't have "Clear Binding". And lastly, even after I add "BindingOperations" and "ClearBinding" to the dictionary, it complains aobut BindingOperations.ClearBinding!

My question is: How can I configure Word's spell checker to accept Word1Word2 and CorrectWord1.CorrectWord2 when the spelling of Word1, Word2, CorrectWord1 and CorrectWord2 are correct?

edit: I'm embarresed to say I have solved the problem. I just used dashes as in "Frame-Position" instead of FramePosition.

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and what is your question? –  Baarn Dec 29 '11 at 21:39
yea - the complaining is correct.. because it is grammatically correct. not technically correct. Unfortunately for this purpose you need to get a technical dictionary or some other kind of checker.. or mark technical terms to be ignored.. –  ppumkin Dec 29 '11 at 21:40
Normally, camel case is incorrect. This is why the medical industry has their own dictionary. –  surfasb Dec 30 '11 at 2:33

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Spelling -> Set Proofing Language .. -> [X] Do not check spelling or grammar.

Set this for either a paragraph style you then use for blocks of source code or individually for blocks of source/text you don't want it to spell check.

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Thanks. I'm aware of this and I'm using it for blocks of codes I copy (also use border so code samples are nicely marked). The problem, however, is that usually the explanations for the code then contain regular text paragraphs, where the camelCased words appear amidst rgular ones I do want to check. As no answer surfaced advising me how to do this, I'll accespt your answer. –  Avi Dec 30 '11 at 14:31

I have the same issue; however I'm using MS Word to document Java Source code.

My solutions so far are to either:

  • Turn off Auto Complete for specific areas of text as mentioned above (not particularly good, as the grammatical style and auto-correction for the other words in the paragraph are useful).
  • Add the word to my local dictionary; again not perfect, as it means right click > add to dictionary whenever I write a variable, method or class name and repeat the process if i transfer the document to a different instance of word.

In each case, the word is camel case. Surely there must be a decent way to get ignore any camel case word in the auto-correct given the complexity of its other features, but I haven't found it.

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