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I have an older motherboard and I would like to connect a newer power supply to it. The motherboard has a P4 input, while the power supply has a P8 connector only (it is actually a 6 pin + 2 pin configuration). I tried to connect the power supply anyway, but the PC will not start.

Is it necessary to convert the P8 to P4 or it should also work like this?

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A 6+2 connector is for PCIe, not the ATX+4 (aka P4, or ATX12V) or ATX+8 (aka ATX+EPS, or EPS12V). They're wired differently and if you get the system to power on it's likely to fry something.

The ESP12V connectors should be two separate 4-Pin connectors, commonly they connect together themselves to appear as a single 8-Pin connector.

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Thank you very much @Chris. Indeed I used the wrong cable. Your answer was precise and very helpful. – Germstorm Dec 30 '11 at 14:32

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