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How is it possible to see the version of a single kernel module in Linux? With the command lsmod, I can see something like this:

ata_piix               18561  2 
libata                154449  2 pata_acpi,ata_piix
ehci_hcd               34935  0 
scsi_mod              111801  4 sg,sr_mod,sd_mod,libata
usbcore               119612  6 gspca_m5602,gspca_main,usbhid,uhci_hcd,ehci_hcd

But is not possible show the info about a single kernel module. Anybody know how is possible do that?

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You can use the modinfo command to list information about modules:

$ /sbin/modinfo your_module_name

I'm not sure a version string is required though, so some modules might not have it.

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Yes there is a field named "srcversion". Thank you :) – user1056635 Dec 30 '11 at 16:03

Use modinfo, check this page, and use this syntax:

modinfo your_module

See this question of SO.

Or use pmvers.

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