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I have noticed that as of late, firefox (on my Vista machine) is creating a lot of etilqs files in my C:\Windows\Temp directory. Generally (as I understand it) these are supposed to be small temporary files that get emptied by firefox when you shut down. However, I am seeing numerous 100MB+ sized files in my temp directory.

What do these files do?

Is it safe for me to just go into that directory and delete them?

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Which version of Firefox are you running? –  iglvzx Jan 2 '12 at 2:58
9.0.1 according to my "about". Some of these files are a bit older though, I just noticed that they were building up (I was searching for an unknown file that I knew was 100MB or larger, and ended up finding these). –  Larian LeQuella Jan 2 '12 at 3:03

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Are you also running any anti-virus software? It is possible that these temp files are being 'locked' for inspection, and not being removed when they should be. Perhaps set your AV software to ignore *.etilqs files. I do not see any problem with deleting these files, as they are supposed to be temporary SQLITE database files.

Note: to check for handles on *.etilqs files, you can run Process Explorer and search for etilqs.

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I have these files in my temp dir as well, according to process explorer they are created/handled by the Google Chrome browser.

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