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I am using Yahoo Messenger through in Firefox 9.0.1 under Windows XP.

In Firefox 8, chat works without problem, but in Firefox 9, I can log in to chat, friend list is populated, but when I click one of my contacts, it doesn't open a chat window (it should). I tried pressing 'i' (keyboard shortcut for new chat), also no chat window.

I tried using Chrome and the chat works in Chrome.

Does anyone know how to make YM chat work with Firefox 9?

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Found the answer in Mozilla's issue tracker: it is a bug in Firefox 9, and they are still looking for the cause. For now, to make the chat window pops up in Firefox 9, do the following:

  • Open Options - Messenger Options - General
  • Change Conversation Window Management to Tab
  • Press OK
  • Open again Options - Messenger Options - General
  • Change Conversation Window Management to Small Window
  • Press OK

After this, the chat window will pop up. But you have to repeat the procedure the next time you open Yahoo Mail.


  • Wait till the page finishes loading, contact list appears on the left with photos
  • Try to open Options - Messenger Options (it will fail, option will not open)
  • Now when you click a contact, the chat popup will open
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