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When launching Photoshop I received the error "Your Monitor Profile appears to be corrupt. Please re-run your monitor calibration." I assume this happened because I installed a new video card (went from NVIDIA to ATI). But I see no way to re-calibrate and reset the profile in my ATI settings. I have set my monitor to my liking and it seems to work fine.

How do I reset my monitor profile so Photoshop reads and uses the correct profile?

Note: If I use the "corrupted" profile the colors are indeed way off. But if I ignore it everything looks okay. But for consistency I would prefer to have a correct profile. Also I am using Windows XP.

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Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Adobe Gamma and choose Step by Step wizard. See if that helps.

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Adobe Gamma doesn't ship with Photoshop anymore. (and hasn't for past several versions) – L84 Jan 4 '12 at 4:26
Aw that is unfortunate, good information Lynda. – Paperlantern Jan 4 '12 at 5:02
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The way I correct this error was I went into my Display Settings using my video card software (AMD Catalyst) and I was able to choose another profile. I choose sRGB profile which was similar to the original profile.

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