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I'm trying to install JDK on Windows 7, 32 Bit. I'm logged in as administrator, but it tells me:

Installer: Wrapper.CreateFile failed with error 123:
The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect.

I tried the solutions from this link too, following method one, but didn't try the others as the thread suggests they don't really help.

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I have the same problem with JRE also. Filemon shows the following file creation failed with INVALID NAME:


I believe a bad account name causes ????????. Try using an account with English letters only.

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very thanks sir! This solved my problem! – Mirjalal Talishinski Jun 7 '15 at 8:14

I had a message like yours or another one ("download failed to ...\LocalLow") when I tried to execute directly from java website).

I checked out that folder (LocalLow), in fact there was a problem with that folder's ownership (the owner was "unknown" and I still don't know how was it possible) so I changed the ownership of the folder as "user" and I managed to install Java without any error message.

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On my Vista PC, the folder %HOMEPATH%/AppData/LocalLow was not writable neither for me nor for Administrators. Granting "write" permissions to this "LocalLow"-Folder solved the issue for me.

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This hasn't worked for me either, where Java can't be install on a computer that has illegal characters (non A-B, Characters, Numbers) within the user account's name, i.e. (C:\Users\ AccountName\ ...).

So create a new user account (A-B...) and re-install the Java run-time.

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maybe it is late but just now I had the same issue. I just created a new user in control panel and logged into new user and fixed!!! win 7 32 bit installing JDK

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