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Is it possible do make side lines (folding), that are independent from the text (no matter how you move your text up or down, the lines are on the same place when you print it)

These lines are for my users to fold and put the document in a letter.

Will I need to use VBA? ( I'm experienced in Excel VBA, so I guess I can pick it up pretty quick if needed)

Example of what I want: enter image description here

(red arrows point to what I want, and I dont want red arrows, just the lines :) )

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If you don't want to use these lines (they don't look professional), you can also just use a piece of carton / paperboard at the size of one/third of a paper. Then you simply make the fold match the carton / paperboard size. Do soft folds and only make the fold permanent at the end, which is when you swipe over the fold. Not pressing really hard any earlier than that allows you to do small corrections. An alternative is to print them on the back side, that way you can just make one file that contains them and you don't have to put them inside your documents every time, still not professional. –  Tom Wijsman Jan 4 '12 at 16:30

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With any picture or drawn art, positioning can be controlled by the "layout" options. Draw your line, right click for options, click "format", then the Layout tab, then "advanced". Illustration is from Word 2010, but 2003 is similar:

enter image description here

Choose "Relative Position" and relative to "Page". This locks the object to its position on the page, regardless of text, headers, or anything else.

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You can use a drawing line anchored to the header.

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