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I googled every possible combination but I couldn't find a list of syntax files. Is there a list of good ones?

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The Pygments project now hosts a demo page in which all the available styles can be tested.

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Here's a (unfortunately not 100% complete) gallery: http://help.farbox.com/pygments.html The URL that @CodeReaper posted below is also good.

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This link is dead. –  Christian Long Mar 4 at 22:04
@ChristianLong updated with a new one. –  Danilo Bargen Mar 5 at 8:21
That's just what I was looking for. Thanks! –  Christian Long Mar 5 at 17:40

There's a nice list of choices with previews here: http://richleland.github.io/pygments-css/

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I've never found one all-inclusive "gallery" of pygments styles. For the most part, the builtins are what's actually available.

To see what's available in your environment run the following in a Python shell:

>>> from pygments.styles import get_all_styles
>>> styles = list(get_all_styles())

Other than that, I would try searching the usual-suspect code hosting sites: Github/Gist, Bitbucket, Google Code, etc. I found a few on there such as Twilight, Solarized and Moria.

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