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I have a centos server lets say with ip: I want to download a file from at path /root/pc/filename.rar to my localhost host (current pc). What command I need to download that file? I am trying like this but its not working

scp root@

I want to download that file into my system current directory.

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Just add where you want it to be copied to (ie: ./):

scp root@ ./
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First of all, make sure that the root user is really needed to access the file. If the file can be retrieved by a normal user, that would be preferred to limit the security risks.

If root is really required, make sure that root is actually allowed to login by ssh by checking your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and see if the PermitRootLogin option is set to yes.

Finally, your command above should work when you add a . (pointing to your current dir) behind it, like so:

scp root@ .

Or you can always use a full path as well:

scp root@ /home/user/pcfilename.rar
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