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Possible Duplicate:
Alternatives to Real Player

I would like to play an .rm video once on a Windows machine. Should I actually download Real player? I would otherwise not use Real player, and it seems like a lot of memory usage just to play a .rm file.

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Install Real Alternative. This is a free Media Player Classic and Codec that will allow you to play RealMedia files (.rm .ram .rmvb .rpx .smi .smil) in Media Player Classic. It works great, and you'll never have to see that wretched RealPlayer again.Media Player Classic and the appropriate codecs are the solutions to ALL of your computer audio and video needs.

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I would recomend VLC. The original Realmedia-Player always was crap (back in the days when I used it). Although VLC is realtively slim and simple it plays alot of different file types.

I have to add that .rm is only considered partially supported, but I don't remember having any problems.

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