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First off sorry for raising a fairly common question, I have done my research but there are still some unknowns.

I have a requirement to share a single user's desktop with four clients, where all five users can have control over the server. I know that I am looking at something like VNC, but there are a few points on which I am unsure.

  1. Is there a flavour of VNC that permits the server's user to delegate input control to individual clients, rather than each client being able to take over the server at any time?
  2. I am on limited bandwidth over a cross-atlantic connection, but do not know which is the optimum VNC encoding for my requirements - likely a 1440 x 900 display where approximately 20% of the screen updates each second.

I am familiar with the common VNC setups (UltraVNC & RealVNC) and I am comfortable with port forwarding & IP reservation etc, so the setup doesn't bother me.

If anybody can provide suggestions on which VNC setups might be optimal for my requirements I would be very grateful.


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