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I Have windows 7 and I installed one virtual machine in it and in this virtual machine I installed opensuse Linux

Virtual A-------------Linux(Virtual C)--------Virtual B

I want linux to be in the middle of two virtual machines then when I send file from virtual A to virtual B,in linux by scripts of TC(traffic controller) I can audit and see shaping,making leaky bucket,...

I should have 3 virtual machines to reach this goal but i'm not sure am i right? and suppose I installed them I don't know how to configure ports and network cards and IP addresses is there any references which is valuable in this subject? or can anyone give me guidance?

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First you set up two virtual machines. Then you set up the third virtual machine as a router. (This VM needs two network adapters to look in two networks).

set up the router as follows. NIC A. For example: NIC B. For example:

Then configure your virtual machines one for each network. VM A: default gw: VM B: default gw:

Then ping from to and sniff on your router.

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