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I've set up a couple of servers on my network, which are named simply after the service they are providing (i.e. http://git/, http://jenkins/, etc.). For simplicity, those are accessible by their short name, i.e. http://git instead of Unfortunately, this interferes severely with searching from Chrome's omnibar: if I wanted to search for "git do something I want", I'd type gitspace and the Omnibar would instantly assume I want to search inside http://git, which is obviously wrong.

Is there any way I can either disable this functionality for certain sites or at least change it somehow to be activated only on tab, but not on space?

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Here are a few related questions.

No, there is currently no way to control the Omnibar behavior (and the Chrome devs have repeatedly indicated that they have no desire to give such options).

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Chrome Settings > Search > Manage Search Engines > Other Search Engines. Remove entry for 'git'

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