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ID3 tags are very useful when you put your mp3 on a decent portable player. Sometimes they are not coherent and I get (in example) the same artist written in two different way considered to be two different artists. The same happens for albums or songs' titles.

Is there any smart, user friendly, ID3 tag editor for linux?

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Software recommendations are off topic for this site. However, look into puddletag, it's the Linux equivalent of Windows' mp3tag. –  ultrasawblade May 2 at 11:47

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EasyTag and Musicbrainz Picard make a good combination.

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I like ex-falso for casual tag-editing. I must admit I haven't done any large scale editing, but it seems pretty ok to me.

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I use Amarok for everything music related on my computers.

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I keep my music in a directory structure that mostly follows Artist -> Album, and have a perl script that I use to set the tags.

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