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I have a FAT32 partition in windows server 2008 machine. How can I convert the partition to NTFS without formatting?

My intention is to resize the partition and add some more space to my primary installation drive

P.S. Partition magic exits with errors on server 2008.

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I'm not at work to try: Does windows 2008 no longer have the "convert" command? – Chris_K Sep 8 '09 at 4:05
Server 08 still has the "convert" command. just verified. – caliban Sep 8 '09 at 4:06
Well, there you go then :-) – Chris_K Sep 8 '09 at 4:19
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Try this in the command line

convert X: /fs:ntfs

change "X:" to the letter of the drive you would like to convert.

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will it format the drive/partition? – Quintin Par Sep 8 '09 at 5:12
@Learner, it doesn't make reformatting, only converting. – Kirill V. Lyadvinsky Sep 8 '09 at 5:36

To resize the partition, you will need a server class product. There is a server class version of Partition Magic, but it's expensive. If you must enlarge the C: partition, then I would suggest performing a FULL BACKUP first. Then, use GPartEd (free, linux-based partitioning software).

As stated by scoopdreams, the command CONVERT should work for converting your partition from FAT32 to NTFS (note: Convert CANNOT convert back to FAT32).

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