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I initially posted this question in Stack Overflow, but I have a feeling that I should have posted here instead.

In my Visio 2007 UML document I am unable to figure out how I can add an operation to an Interface that returns a generic List<MyCustomType> type.

For example:

Say I have a class named "MyClass" and an Interface named "IFace". IFace has a signature of a method that returns a Generic List of MyClass.

For clarity, here's an example of the C# code:

namespace StackO
    public interface IFace
        List<MyClass> SomeMethod(string data);    

    public class MyClass

Here's a screenshot of where I'm stuck: enter image description here

It seems as though the only way to specify a List<MyClass> as my Return Type is to create another user-defined datatype that is explicitly written as List<MyClass>. If this is the case, so be it. However, I'm posting this in hopes that there is a better/proper way to do this.

How can I define the Return Type of an Operation of a Visio Interface to be a Generic List of a User-Defined Datatype?

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I received a sufficient answer from my post over at Stack Overflow:

There is a tip for handling this.

in the Class diagram properties > Go to operations > select the return type you are interested in changing and click properties.

in the next dialog you will have option for setting prefix (List< ) and suffix (>).

This way you can specify the return type as List<>.

I see this option in 2010. But I am not sure this option is available in Visio 2007.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Ramana Akula.

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