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I was using my work computer today, and connect to various internet services (e.g. google, gmail, etc.) Is there a way to check the IP of my work computer from home by looking at these internet services?

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you can also go to – Nate Koppenhaver Jan 5 '12 at 20:59
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Yes if you login to Gmail look at the bottom of the page for:

Last account activity: x hours ago on y. Details

Just click on Details and you should be able to pin down your work IP address.

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On GMail, at the very bottom of the window, it will show what IP you're connected with. For general use, you can go to a site like to see what your outside address is

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Go to your Gmail account and on the bottom of your inbox there is a Details link. Click it and it will display the last 10 IP's that have accessed your account.

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