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I have 2 monitors, 1 desktop and 1 laptop. I would like to switch the display between desktop and laptop and want to use 2 monitors as extended monitor sources. I see there are lot of solutions to switch between 1 monitor sharing 2 sources but not for 2 monitors.

How about this? I will go with a switch that facilitates 2 sources 1 monitor, but I will attach a split to the switch and connect to the 2 monitors... is that going to work?

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You have to look for Dual Monitor KVM switches, which should get you what you want.

Don't use the term switch as it is way to broad and will also result in other type of products unrelated to what you are after. KVM stands for Keyboard, Video & Mouse which is a specific property of the switch you are looking for. To denote that a KVM switch supports multiple monitors, use Dual Monitor.

Splitting could also work.

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