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I want to enable my screen as a video capture drive, so I can share (stream) my desktop screen instead my webcam.

I'm using Mint 12 (based on Ubuntu).

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There are several software that help you doing that. For example:

  1. Webcam Studio for stream your video from different sources, also from desktop.
  3. It seems pretty good.
  4. I used that when i needed to make a video of my desktop

And for another list of available software check that post:

Hope that this help.

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I don't want to "record my desktop", I want to get my screen and stream it as video input, like a webcam or other device on /dev/video – TiuTalk Jan 7 '12 at 22:01
Take a look at kazam (it is used to make screencast, and maybe you can stream it in some way, for example using a video streaming software that read from the video that you are recording). And try that software: It is used to stream from different sources it says also from desktop. – Ivan Jan 7 '12 at 22:42

VLC should, in theory be able to take a video stream from your desktop- with "screen://" as your input option and output it to another streaming source. However whether if will work with the software you have in mind would depend on what that software is.

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