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This used to happen before: I open a folder with images and if I have large icons it used to show me small images of what the actual image is,

but now: when I open the folder sometimes it shows me the small images for like a second and then the images all disappear and I get the standard icons.

How can I get it back to the way it used to be? Every time I enter a folder with images I want to see the small images of what the picture is please!

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Ok, tried all you wrote... didnt work ;( – Ryan Jan 7 '12 at 18:27
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check the folder view first. From an explorer in the Organise menu select folder and search options go to the View tab, in there see if the first thing [ ] Always Show Icons not thumbnails is unchecked . . If it is already unchecked , switch it one way, and ok your way out, then switch it back. . . In the same place temporarily turn off [ ] Display file icon on thumbnails which is an overlay, that shouldnt effect it.

Per User setting for the same thing. In the start menu find computer right click bring up the properties in there click on advanced system settings go to the advanced tab, in performance click on settings in the Visual Effects tab you have [X] show thumbnails instead of Icons check it. Now this makes no sence, because I had that unchecked, and I am seeing the thumbnails?

Cleanup Thumbs: Next is to try and clear out the old thumbnails. find the diskclean tool by typing this into either search or run cleanmgr.exe , select the drive your having problems with, then clean up the Thumbnails.

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