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There is a nice trick to instantly serve contents of a current working directory by HTTP locally:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

This command launches HTTP server at *:8000, serving $PWD contents.

I'm looking for something similar, but for setting up a reverse-proxy.

Something like this:

$ instant-reverse-http-proxy --listen-on 'http://localhost:8000/' --proxy-to ''`

So that

$ GET http://localhost:8000/bar

would fetch

Any clues?

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# socat TCP-LISTEN:80,reuseaddr,fork,su=nobody

(from and

# socat -vv OPENSSL-LISTEN:443,cert=cert.pem,cafile=cacert.pem,cert=cert.key, \
reuseaddr,fork TCP4:


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Theres a node module for that: Supports command line arguments and a config file for more complex situations.

Only downside with kiss-proxy is that it looks slightly dated and may not run on newer versions of node.

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could you give more detail than a link ? – Archemar Nov 18 '15 at 9:06

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