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Hoping someone can point me in the right direction...

I have a Cisco E3000 which is the main router for the house (WAN).

I want to use a WRT54G v8.2 to get Internet (from WiFi of the e3000) to my Xbox through the WRT Ethernet port. (Running a cable from the E3000 is impractical.)

Is this feasible? Do I need to flash a custom firmware? If so, which one is easiest to flash/set up?

[I was able to do this very easily with an Apple Airport Express which I no longer have access to ...]

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DD-WRT is a 3rd party firmware that should allow you to create a wireless bridge to the E3000 Instructions for configuring the bridge can be found here:

Instructions for the WRT54G v8.2 can be found here:

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