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I use netcat to chat in LAN.

PC1 listen port 8080

$ nc -l -p 8080

PC2 connect to PC1:8080

$ nc 8080

Unfortunately, this is not secure. Anyone sniffing packets can intercept my messages.
How can I chat securely?

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You should use socat instead.

Securing Traffic Between two Socat Instances Using SSL


When you want to connect two socat processes running on different machines and feel that you need to protect the connection against unauthorized access, sniffing, data manipulation etc., you might want to encrypt the communications.

For this purpose socat integrates the OpenSSL library and provides SSL client and server features.


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great tool. Thanks. – kev Jan 8 '12 at 15:36

SSH would be an easy way. SSH to the machine then use netcat

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