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Does anyone know of a PCI card that I could install in my desktop that would give me a MIDI port?

Would it need to be a full sound card, or could it just be a dumb object? The distinction I'm making is I think mostly a price related one.

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Conventional MIDI connector functionality has largely moved to USB. You can get an inexpensive USB based MIDI interface (example). So far as I know, the main problems are latency (i.e. delays in the overall sound path).

You can get PCI based MIDI interfaces, (example) enter image description here

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None will give you a MIDI port, as the XLR jack is too large to fit. What they have is a DA-15 joystick connector that splits out into MIDI In, MIDI Out, and MIDI Thru XLR plugs. You can usually find them starting at about $5, splitter cable not included.

The IBM DA15 PC game connector has been modified to add a (usually MPU-401 compatible) MIDI interface, and this is often implemented in the game connectors on third-party sound cards, for example the Sound Blaster line from Creative Labs.


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